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HMS Hood

H.M.S. Hood The Final Moment

850 Edition signed by survivor Ted Briggs.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Size 10” by 20” with border.
850 edition.
Price: £70.00

Original painting.
Price: £2500.00
Oil on canvas.
Size: 40″ by 20″



0600 hours, Saturday 24th May 1941

In company with the brand-new battleship ‘Prince of Wales’ she sortied from her base at Scapa Flow to intercept
the German Battleship ‘Bismarck’ before she could break out into the Atlantic.

Admiral Holland, in command aboard ‘Hood’, aware of the vulnerability of his ageing ship, attempted to close the range quickly to avoid the dangerous plunging shells of his foe. But the remarkably accurate shooting from ‘Bismarck’ plunged home and the “Mighty Hood’ disintegrated as a shell struck her aft magazines. She sank in less than three minutes leaving only three survivors out of a crew of 1400.

The painting depicts ‘Hood” at the instant before her destruction, showing the fatal salvo arriving aboard ‘Hood’ just
as she was turning to port to bring her aft batteries to bear. “Prince of Wales’ follows in her wake, shooting.

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