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Kreigsmarine Bismark the Fateful Salvo

Kriegsmarine Bismark The Fateful Salvo

850 edition signed by a survivor.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Size 10” by 20” with border.

Original painting.
Price: £2500.00.
Oil on canvas.
40″ by 20″.




0559 hours, Saturday 24th May 1941

The print depicts ‘Bismarck’ firing the fatal salvo which destroyed the Royal Navy’s most beloved and respected
warships -’H.M.S. Hood’.

From her attempt to break out into the Atlantic shipping lanes on her maiden voyage, the heart-stopping
destruction of ‘Hood’ in the Denmark Strait, her retreat and near escape to a French Port and the unbelievably
lucky torpedo hit that crippled her, until her final destruction at the hands of the Royal Navy, makes a story that
cannot be improved on in the realms of fiction.

A special ‘collectors set’ is available of matched numbers accompanied by a pencil drawing of the fatal torpedo hit on ‘Bismarck’. The first 100 prints of ‘Bismarck’ are unique in that they bear three survivors signatures.

They are Heinz Steeg and Otto Peters, who were engineering crew, and Willy Treinis, who was a 1st class seaman assigned to the secondary armament. A four page history of the ships and a certificate of authenticity completes the package.

Collectors set: £150.00

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