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QE2 Departing Southampton

The QE2 departing Southampton

850 limited edition.

Signed and numbered by the artist.
Size: 13.5” by 27’ with
border in buff.

850 edition: £94.00

Original painting.


Aboard QE2 as part of Cunard collection.


An evocative scene as this well loved ship departs her home port on another voyage across ‘the pond’.

Countersigned by Captains William (Bil) Warwick, her first master and Peter Jackson, who was in command during her
service in the Falklands.

Following the announcement of the sale of this wonderful ship to be used as a Hotel….!!!….I can offer the last few of these prints newly signed by Commodore Ron Warwick.

By sheer co-incidence I had the last 80 prints in the edition signed by Captain Warwick several weeks ago, mainly to offer to customers aboard the ship. Only these last eighty prints are left (And selling fast owing to the announcement) The prints are especially unique in having the signatures of both Bil and Ron Warwick together. Father and Son on one print!

£94 per copy plus £3.00 P&P.

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