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Size: 13.5” by 27” with border in buff.
850 Edition: £94.00
150 Art Proof:  £120.00

Original Painting. Sold






The Cunard Liner Carpathia rescuing survivors of the Titanic Dawn, Monday April 15th 1912

After her heroic dash through an ice-strewn sea in response to the incredible S.O.S. from the brand-new White Star Liner Titanic, the little Cunarder Carpathia takes aboard the half frozen survivors in the cold light of morning. On her bridge Fourth Officer Boxhall breaks the unbelievable news to Captain Rostron in reply to his enquiry – “The Titanic has gone down?” “Yes” – his voice breaking with the emotion of it – “She went down at about two thirty.”

The painting captures the stark beauty of that fateful morning with the rising sun shining across the sombre scene, the great ice-bergs reflecting its colours. As Captain Rostron put it so aptly – “So wonderful to look at, so dreadful to touch”.

850 Edition signed and numbered by the artist and survivor Millvina Dean. Also signed by Margaret Howman, daughter of Captain Rostron.

150 Artist proofs, signed and numbered plus an exclusive sketch print to accompany it.

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