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Cherbourg Bound

Titanic, Cherbourg Bound

Size: 13.5” by 27” with buff border.
850 edition: £94.00
150 art proofs: £120.00

Original painting sold.






Titanic, mid-channel, afternoon of 10th April 1912

Simon has depicted the Great White Star Liner as she speeds towards Cherbourg, trying to make up time lost after the near collision with the Liner New York at Southampton. He has fully captured the splendour of this evocative scene, with the golden light of the sun casting across the waters and slanting through the upperworks of the ship; the luminosity of her wake as she cleaves through an emerald sea.

850 Edition signed and numbered by the artist and by survivor Millvina Dean. Only a few copies left.
150 Artist proofs, signed and numbered plus an artist sketch print produced exclusively to accompany it. Only a few copies left

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