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Dawn’s Early Light

By Dawns Early Light
Titanic at Southampton, April 10th 1912

Image size: 22.5” by 26.5” with a 2” border.
850 edition – £112.00
150 Art Proof – £140.00

Original painting : Oil on canvas
Size: 34 inches by 32 inches
Price: £4500.00

Early morning, and Titanic lies at Berth 44 in the brand new Ocean Dock.
In a few hours the pierside will be thronged with passengers and wellwishers as she prepares to depart on her Maiden Voyage into history.

A few early workers make their way aboard the great ship as she lies, silent and peaceful, bathed in the glow of her own lights, in the slowly dawning light of morning.

A thin trail of smoke issues from her after funnel, evidence of breakfast being prepared in the kitchens. A tug slips quietly by, arriving to attend to her giant charge.

This beautiful, atmospheric print is limited to 850 copies and each is signed by survivor Millvina Dean.

A further 150 art proofs are available, each of which will have a remarque sketch drawn onto the print by the artist in the lower right hand corner. Each sketch will be drawn to customers specifications and will also be signed by Millvina Dean and the artist.

Printed in five colour lithography in light fast inks using the latest digital technology on 250 gram art paper.

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