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Titanic the Maiden Departure

Titanic.  The Maiden Departure.

Size:  13.5” by 27” with buff border.
850 edition.
Sold out.

100 art proofs.

Please note these prints are being offered as a special package with the centenary special book.

Original painting – Oil on canvas.
Size: 24” by 48”



The second print. 850 limited edition plus 100 artist proofs. (See book offer for obtaining an art proof.)

Countersigned by survivors Millvina Dean and Edith Haisman. Also difficult to get hold of.

Prints of this painting are sold out but copies are available on the secondary market from time to time.

I have a database of customers seeking to buy and sell.   If you are looking for a particular copy, please contact me and I may be able to point you in the right direction.

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This product has sold out.

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